CHAOS REIGNED upon Metropolis.  Poor Rovers were in the grip of terror.  They were controlled by gangsters, including the Doc, the Brief and their leader the Fox.

Fortunes had dwindled through chances being missed.  The penalty had proved a high price for the Rovers.  It was going to be a long hard Winter for the citizens of Metropolis.  One day they sat down in the street and cried out for a Superman.

Meanwhile….a mild mannered son of Metropolis was exiled to a different world called Jersey.  He had been exiled by an evil super villain known as the Taxman.  He vowed to return home, his mission to turn Rovers into Superheroes.  Metropolis was going to see some changes.

A new year dawns for Metropolis, its citizens have reached the point of no return.  Rovers lay dying.

Suddenly a thunderbolt crackles the airwaves of the radio.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  But there’s no transmitter fault!  The awesome truth is revealed – It’s Jack!  He’s back, the Man of Steel has taken control.

There is a new air of confidence on the streets of Metropolis.  The Rovers begin to fight back.  They win their battle for survival after the Manager is sent to Coventry to buy two of the Fantastic Four.

Using his super powers the Man of Steel flys up into the sky and bends a rainbow on to Metropolis.  Putting a pot of gold under Ewood Park.  He becomes a human magnet, attracting the citizens of Metropolis back to Ewood Park.  There is much joy as they buy season tickets and put fear into the Bookies’ hearts.

So now Rovers are a team to be feared.  Metropolis is a land fit for superheroes.  May they boldly go forward to where most of us don’t remember them being before.

Itching After Rovers

  • December 25, 2014