There came a man from a strange land, where licorice allsorts were eaten in separate bags.  He was the fastest gun in the West, known as the man with no claim.  He was good, he was bad, he was Wegerle.  His bounty, a first team place in the magnificent eleven.

Many people heard about this man, yet nobody was sure where he came from.  Roy kinda drifted into town, wearing a poncho, needing a shave.

One day he walked down Loftus Road, home of the Texas Rangers.  Tumbleweed rolled as he pushed open the batwings of Gerry’s saloon.  Gerry was in a poker game, having a shot of redeye.  The bar room cleared as Wegerle stepped forward.  Roy picked up the deck and dealt the cards.

“What are we playing for?”  Gerry asked.

“Your life,” replied Roy.  “I win this hand and I’m leaving town.”

Gerry went for his gun, but Roy had already drawn.

“I guess you win,” Gerry sneered.  “Looks like I gotta hand over my star.”

So Wegerle blazed the lonesome trail north, from the lone star state and drifted into Blackburn.  But he had to wait on the edge of the gold field before staking his claim.  That chance came when the good sheriff was shot in the back by a bad outlaw.  Roy joined the magnificent eleven.

The dry season hit Blackburn.  People began to think maybe the magnificent eleven were just cowboys after all.  But their fears were blown away like tumbleweed one afternoon.

Rampaging comancheros from the North East hit town.  They treed a saloon and made Blackburn look like Dodge City.  Ewood Park became the OK Corral.  Things were getting pretty rough, shots were whistling past townsfolk’s ears.  Rovers couldn’t drive the renegades out of town.

Then at the eleventh hour a mysterious man stood on his own.  It was Wegerle against three comancheros.  They tried to take him out, but he was too quick for them.  He went for his gun, shot one, then another, leaving only one man to beat.  The final renegade tried to bring Roy down.  But the fastest gun in the West left him bleeding in the dust.

Blackburn was saved; the strange man from the west became a legend.  So now the magnificent eleven are on the Klondike trail, trailblazing their way across the continent.  This was how the West was won.