Superstitions can be defined as, ‘irrational beliefs, especially with regard to the unknown’ (Collins English Dictionary)
They cause us to act in strange ways, believe in odd things and leave us unable to explain the reasons why.

It’s Saturday morning and Rovers are playing at home today.  Are you the kind of supporter who has rituals and superstitions which you always follow, that you somehow think will help Rovers win the game? 

You get out of bed on the wrong side.  But, despite grunts and expletives from the missus, you stagger into your bathroom.  Starting this morning with a shower might seem hygienic, but it was a mistake to check the shower temperature first with your foot, before getting your hair wet. That is unlucky, as the feet are inferior spiritually to the head – according to some religious people. You should also have retained at least one portion of muck on your body, as eradicating all the grime of last night is supposed to wash away all your good fortune. You also failed to notice your shower water flushed a small spider down the plug hole.  This action won’t kill it, but you may well have brought about rain and lousy weather to today’s match.

It’s breakfast time next and where your real problems start.  Are you superstitious even when it comes to eating your matchday meals?  The list could be endless.  For example, I won’t eat bacon when we play a team in red and white.  I won’t eat liver when we play Liverpool.  I won’t eat Black Pudding when we play Bury.  I won’t eat pig’s trotter when we play Bolton.  And I won’t eat fish when we play Hull or Grimsby.  As expected, I won’t eat tripe when we play Preston or Burnley.

On your way to the match, avoiding black cats and nicks in the pavement flags, you arrive at a toffee shop.  Now there are some more difficult decisions to make.  What sweet are you going to keep shoving in your mouth during the match?  I won’t eat Everton Mints when we play Everton.  I won’t eat rock when we play Blackpool.  I won’t eat Uncle Joe’s Mintballs when we play Wigan.  I won’t eat humbugs when we play Notts County.  It’s the same with Black Forest Gateaux when we play their neighbours across the River Trent.

Then you get to the pub and your choices are even limited in here.  I won’t drink Newcastle Brown Ale when we play Newcastle.  I won’t drink porter when we play Port Vale.  Coming from Blackburn and watching Rovers, it’s got to be Thwaites or Three B’s for me.  Then it’s off to the ground.  Do you try to go in by the same turnstile?  Then go to the same place in the toilet to relieve yourself before the kick off?

After doing all this it’s easy.  You’ve done your bit.  How can we fail to lose after following these rituals for all these years?  It’s up to the players now.  Ever wonder if they have any superstitions?????