Oh Mrs. Desai, please tell me why

You’ve gone and bought our beloved Rovers team

Oh Mr. Rao, please tell me how

You’re going to make our trophy cabinet gleam


You say you’ve become a Blackburn Rovers supporter

You’ll be sprinkling rose petals on the River Blakewater

But you should have come here a lot sooner

Blackburn’s such a long way from Pune


Oh Mr. Rao, you didn’t know

That’s why you listened to Kentaro

Somebody gave you some bad advice

So you went and sacked Sam Allardyce


It looks like he wasn’t part of your big scheme

But that was no reason to be so mean

Now there’s a new man on the scene

Maybe he won’t stay very Kean


English football’s just not cricket

Something you haven’t understood

Now you’ve bought our Blackburn Rovers

And want to turn it into Bollywood


We’re in trouble now since you came

Lost the plot and can’t win a game

We’ll wait and see if this plot thickens

Hope we don’t get stuffed like one of your chickens


But money is all you seem to care about

Fans like us just don’t count

Yes Mrs. Desai, now we know why

You’ve bought our beloved Rovers team