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Probably the best book ever written about a Blackburn Boozer

(Probably the only book ever written about a Blackburn Boozer)

My first book was about the old Blackburn Trades Council Club.  It shut in 1993 and I was determined it shouldn’t be forgotten.  I spent many happy times in this establishment, both as a club member, but also as a member of its management committee for nine years.

The club helped in many trade unionist campaigns for good causes. For instance, it provided activists with support during the 1984 miners’ strike, the Wapping dispute against the Murdoch press; the opposition to the poll tax, among many other campaigns.

This book, which has a foreword by Michael Hindley MEP, is based on the personal recollections of its author. It gives a close-up view of the numerous individuals who participated in the Club’s work, the controversies that took place behind the scenes, the individual arguments and disagreements, especially with Blackburn MP, Jack Straw, and his local Labour Party establishment.

It all makes a highly readable story, and illustrates the problems with which local trade union and labour bodies are frequently faced.

This book came out as a paperback in 1996.  Jim Hammonds at Lancashire Community Press published it for me.  Recently I have managed to turn it into an ebook, following the success of my second publication.

‘Blowing With The Blackburn Trades’ only costs £3, for over 200 pages.  It can be bought using the facility below.

Blowing With The Blackburn Trades

  • 218 pages