(To the tune of Davy Crockett – King of the Wild Frontier)


Born in Malaysia in 1960,

Strangest child you ever did see

Escaped to the jungle, he wanted to be free

Strangled an orang-utan before he was even three


Shebby, Shebby Singh, he came from the wild frontier


When he was a young boy he wanted to play

Professional football with Kuala Lumpur F.A.

After 18 years, at the top of the tree

He was man of the match against Shrewsbury


Shebby, Shebby Singh, Malaysia’s footballer of the year


Management beckoned, but it wasn’t his scene

So he moved to a career on the TV screen

He grew a little moustache he can barely see

So he has to wear NHS glasses like Joe 90


Shebby, Shebby Singh, his eyesight’s not very clear


But a TV pundit wasn’t his bent

So off to England he was sent

Indian owners bought a Premier League team

So Shebby went Rovers to live the dream


Shebby, Shebby Singh, he’s coming over here


Blackburn Rovers was their name

Tradition was their claim to fame

But Venkys had taken away their might

It was Shebby’s chance to put things right


Shebby, Shebby Singh, success is very near


The fans had suffered for long enough

So Shebby showed he could be tough

Out the door Steve Kean soon went

He said it was by mutual consent


Shebby, Shebby Singh, he’s got us all to cheer


But Shebby bit off more than he could chew

He didn’t really know what he should do

He upset the fans who hold the club so dear

Shot his mouth off before his brain was in gear


Shebby, Shebby Singh, he’s talking out his rear


Now Shebby has gone, or so we hope

We’ve seen enough of the Malaysian Dope

The journey starts for the Holy Grail

Rovers are back on the Premier League trail


Shebby, Shebby Singh, gone back to the wild frontier