World’s Tallest Man in Blackburn?

Rumours are rife over sightings of the world’s tallest man in Blackburn.

Mohammed Alam Channa is nearly eight foot tall (231.7cm) and weighs thirty stone.  He is believed to be on holiday from his job as an attendant at the shrine of Lal Shahbay in Qaladar, Pakistan.  And is rumoured to be visiting his little sister in Bank Top, Blackburn.

Reclusive Channa is known to be shy of the fame and publicity surrounding his enormous height.  He reputedly turned down millions of dollars when the Chicago Bulls basketball team tried to secure his services.  Channa is known to like British football instead and is a strong Blackburn Rovers fan.  But being the shy individual he is, he attended the last match disguised as a floodlight pylon.

While in Blackburn, Channa is expected to visit the grave of Blackburn’s own giant, Fred Kempster.  Fred lived in the town around the turn of the century and is buried at the top of Whalley New Road Cemetery.  He was well known for lighting his pipe with the gas street lamps in use at the time.  Channa won’t be able to do that, but may entertain his family hosts with other tricks.  He could do a window cleaner’s job without a ladder, impersonate a barge by swimming in the canal.  Or look the statue of Queen Victoria straight in the eye.

Sightings of Channa are expected to be rare.  The occasional size 35 footprint may be the only tell-tale impression of his visit to the town.  But at the next Rovers game if you see an extra floodlight pylon swaying in the wind, remember the tallest man in the world is entitled to his own bit of privacy like the rest of us.

Itching After Rovers

  • December 25, 2014