Last season Rovers fans spent Christmas holding sit-ins on the Blackburn End.

Nuttall Street became an occupied zone  The festive season at Ewood Park was only on the field.  Visiting teams were given gifts of three points a match.

After one hellish defeat the fans were excommunicated.  A pitch invasion was followed by demonstrations outside the temple.  They prayed:  “Deliver us from Babylon.”  Demanding a sacrificial lamb.

Next day from Mount Sinai came a prophet bearing manna from Heaven.  Multi-millionaire Jack Walker bought the club.  The Pharisees bowed down.

News of the prophet rallied Rovers.  They didn’t fall to Purgatory.  The season ended full of faith, hope and charity.  Jack Walker was Moses.  Manna no object.

Deliverance was not to be.  Lineker doubted the word.  So did Sheringham and Newell.  Don McKay became a martyr to the faith.  He couldn’t separate the sheep from the goats.  Rumblings amongst the Roveralites started from the Kick off.  McKay was crucified.

Parkes the Baptist became our saviour, reviving fortunes.  The Roveralites began the march to the promised land.  Behind the scenes activity was intense.  St Kenny, Liverpool’s prodigal son was the scribes choice.

Speculation hit fever pitch on Good Friday October 11th, 1991.  Something was in the air, the miracle might happen.  Saturday dawned, Dalglish mania was everywhere.  TV, radio, stone tablets.  walking to the match was like climbing Jacob’s ladder.  Ewood Park the temple of the new Jerusalem.

The temple was a volcano, like a Martin Luther King rally.  We all had a dream.  Both teams ran onto the pitch.  Then the miracle happened.  The sea of scribes parted.  He was here, the messiah.  He proclaimed: “I will deliver you to the land of milk and honey.”

Rovers became a team possessed.  Plymouth fell like the walls of Jericho.  After the match there was great rejoicing.  The Roverlites spilled into nearby churches, staying until the bells were rung at 23.00 hours.  They know they will now see the promised land.

Itching After Rovers

  • December 25, 2014